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The baseball swing consists of three main phases: 1) the loading phase, 2) the launching phase and 3) the follow through.

Each player has their own unique style and may sometimes make adjustments to their swing depending on the game situation,  the type of pitch, or other factors.  However, regardless of the batting style used and the adjustments made to it, the muscles involved in the baseball swing always remains the same.

In this book, we are going to identify all of the major movements and muscles used in each phase of a typical swing for the right-hand batter.  Once you learn these movements and the muscles  involved in performing them, you will become a more focused, confident and productive hitter.

However, before any of these phases are performed, getting into the proper stance is required.  Therefore, let’s first identify the basic stance position along with a few variations to it for the right-hand batter.  The baseball swing begins with getting into the proper stance and the feet and hand positions vary from player to player more than anything else.  In Figure 1-1, the batter has chosen to stand with his feet a little more than shoulder width apart.

A firm grip of the bat is usually preferred and the height of the hands, as well as a distance they are in front of the body, is based on preference.  Figure 1-2 on the next page shows the hands about 10 to 12 inches in front of the body and right about shoulder level.

Some players may prefer to keep the hands in closer and perhaps lower or higher.  Figure 1-3a  shows the player’s weight is balanced and evenly distributed between his two feet while Figure 1-3b shows him standing fairly tall in a box.   Figure 1-3b also shows that he is leaning slightly forward with his knees and hips slightly flexed and Figure 1-3c shows him totally focused on the pitcher.

The shoulders and hips are level in the stance position for most players, but this too may vary slightly.

The stance is truly a matter of personal preference.  As long as it fits your own individual style and it helps you to feel comfortable, confident and alert in the box, you are ready to swing the bat.

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