Workouts for the Shoulders, Chest, Arms

How to Condition Muscles of the Shoulders, Arms & Chest
For Bat Speed and Power in the Swing

Get this for faster swing speed, running speed, and to throw harder.
Exercise #10 – Triceps, Deltoids, Wrists
Exercise #12 – Latimus Dorsi, Teres Major
Exercise #14 – Pectoralis Major, Elbow Extensors, Wrist Extenors
Exercise #15 – Biceps, Deltoids, Wrists
Exercise #16 – Anteriod Deltoid, Pectoralis Major
Exercise #17 – Tricpes, Pectoralis Major, Posterior Deltoid

Get this to build muscle strength and size.
A few of the 150+ Workouts in the Strength Training Blueprints Program that Develop Strength and Power in the Hips and Legs.
Exercise #5 – The Triceps Press Down Using a Cable
Exercise #6 – The High Rope Pull
Exercise #7 – The Rope Triceps Extension
Exercise #36 – The T-bar Row
Exercise #50 – The Hammer Curl Using Dumpbells
Exercise #52 – The Triceps Kickback With Supinated Grip
Exercise #53 – The Overhead Triceps Extension Using Both Arms
Exercise #57 – The Rear Delt Raise
Exercise #86 – The Shoulder Three Head Stabilization Exercise
Exercise #122 – Shoulder Combination Exercise

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